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HP Deskjet 810c Teardown whats inside

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ebaltyx : вот придурок-разломал принтерок и еще кисточкой типа пыль почистил!
Peter de Waard : jong wa zedde gij ne sukkelaar
Sayid Moosuddee : Hi,the Driver software for my Deskjet 810C was accidentlally wiped out /deleted.Do you have a CD to reload that softawre Driver?

HP Deskjet 810c.mp4

Unmounting a Deskjet 810c Maintenance
Walter Hugo Ramirez Montoya : Este es una bestia para desarmar, como no es de su propiedad y si se malogro le dira al dueño que asi estaba de malogrado, tecnico cagon, esi lo hace cualquiera
Peter de Waard : wa ne klungelaar
Sayid Moosuddee : I am looking for the software for Deskjet 810C Printer/CD. Can you help?
fingeroffang : This would be a lot better without the object on the table. I can't get the side plastic bits off my 710c. They don't just lift off as the video suggests. Do you do something else at 50s with your other hand underneath the unit? Can't see!
LewisP : When printers where built to last


magoo7635 : I need the drive cd for my  HP Deskjet 810c
Music Alliance : damn all these printers look the same , 710c,810c, 830c (well its the same but it has like a blue lid bit), 840c,845c all have this same design lmao
BlocK934 : poor printer
wsswaas : hhhhhhhhhhh
buy new one and hp!




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